Google Adsense Success Tips III - The Adsense Success Formula

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Judul : Google Adsense Success Tips III - The Adsense Success Formula
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Google Adsense Success Tips III - The Adsense Success Formula

This is Part 3 of the serialized article: Adsense Success Tips For Bloggers. If not, it's a good idea to read Part 2 first to get a better understanding.

How buddy? Have you registered to the Adsense Program? And has been approved by Google Si Mbah? If you have, thank goodness and now it's time to discuss tips and strategies, how to get as much money from this program.

There are so many factors - actually - that affect how much we earn from Adsense. But, here I will only try to discuss some of the most dominant factors or factors (at least in my own opinion), which will determine our success in running the Adsense program for the long term.

These factors I call the term "Adsense Success Formula".

Read it again! In order to seep up to the heart. Hehehe…

Of course, it is not a physics formula or a mathematical formula, where 1 + 1 = 2. But rather a whole unity of the four factors above.

Meaning: the four factors above have the same weight, which should all exist simultaneously and done at once, to ensure maximum revenue from Adsense.

Now, let's discuss it one by one:

High traffic

Obviously this is the main factor to maximize revenue from Adsense. The more visitors to your blog, the chance to get clicks from visitors will increase. Means inevitably, we must focus on this one.

Applying good SEO techniques, enriching blog content and promoting it appropriately, are some things that must be done in earnest.
High value ads

What I mean here is the fact that the price per click of ads served by Adsense does not have the same value. There are ads that are small in value, while there are certain ads that have a very big value. Even denger-denger there are ads that worth $ 25 for a click.

Wow! Can we imagine, if even if only get 3 clicks per day, if the value is that big, how much our income a month? Hmmm ... So? This should be a factor that should not be underestimated.
Relevant ads

This factor I say as we offer anti-aging beauty products to a woman who has aged 70 tahun.Some good how we offer, the possibility for the occurrence of the transaction is very small.

Why? Because we have been wrong! So also with the relevance factor of this ad. Our blogs discuss about tourist attractions in Bali for example, but then the ads that appear is about selling germicidal soap sales, then the chance of visitors to click on ads that are very small.

Because from the beginning the visitor was looking for information about the tour to Bali, not looking for germicide soap. Increasing the relevance of ads with content focused blogs, is a step closer to success in Adsense.

Placement and ad design

One of the advantages of Adsense is that we can freely place, select size, change the look or color theme of the ads that appear on the blog. As in real-world advertising, the placement and design of ad display is the key to the success of these ads.

A large baligho placed in a small lane of traffic, of course the effect would be very different from that placed in a very crowded intersection of people passing by.

Here is the importance of ad placement, or no one will click on your ad, because it is not visible to visitors.

Combine them all!

If the above four factors combined perfectly, then the success of Adsense is in sight.

Closing this article, I want to say one more thing: how much we earn from Adsense, it will be equal to the weakest factor of the four factors above.

Take for example, we have high-value ads, great relevance, and good ad placement, but if the traffic is zero? The result is also zero. Or conversely, the traffic is very high, high-value ads, relevance okay, but wrong in the placement, so 'not seen' by visitors, then it is the same throw away the sweat free from other factors.

In conclusion, the four factors must go hand in hand simultaneously.

Then, how to develop these four factors each become better?

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